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Pirmin Breu | CV and portrait

* 1972 in Baden | Childhood in Muri AG | 1989 first own studio in the basement of an apartment building in Muri | 1989-93 teaching as a scriptwriter and commercial painter in Lucerne | 1994-96 Traveling in Europe and the USA as a graffiti artist POSE ONE | 1996 Member of «Art institute of San Diego» I 1996 Foundation of Aerosol Art | 1997-99 study visits to Mexico | 2004 working stay in Argentina | 2005 art project in San Diego, USA; Formation of color in form in the former sculpture studio of Fritz Bieli, Villmergen AG | 2006 studio in empty factory, Wohlen AG; Working stay in Thailand | 2007 goes online; Flooding studio and rebuilding | 2008 working visit to Cuba; “Picture notes” self-published | 2010-12 Curator Singisenforum Muri AG | since 2010 Lecturer for «Culture macht Schule» for the Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton of Aargau | 2011-14 «Squatting», Villa Wild, Muri AG, curating exhibitions, performances, historical tours and auctions | 2015 Because of sale factory building pop-up studio in former Fremo cider factory | 2017 Move to former Integra building: Werkstatt, Atelier and Loft, Wohlen AG; A member of the Royal Talens Academy, Dulliken AG.


Even as a child, Pirmin Breu travels with pencil and paper in his home village of Muri and collects impressions in the form of drawings. During his training as a scribal and commercial painter, he discovers new media such as canvas and PVC and experiments with stencils and paints. Breu’s first steps as a sprayer are twelve. Even then, a sometimes high internal pressure discharges, as if he were the spray can and the spray button his valve. In 1991, “10vor10” portrays the young artist and asks: graffiti – art or graffiti? The fact that his picture decorates the invitation card of the “Graffiti Art” in 1996 shows that the scene at the time-honored his work. In 1998, Breu sprayed a Wholecar on a discarded subway in New York City. Other hot spots follow: from 2000 to 2003 nine aircraft of the Pilatus works in Stans and 2007 Pink Floyds protest pig Algie at the beginning of the European tour. Over the years Breu developed his spray and painting technique, inspired by stays in Mexico, the USA, Argentina, and Thailand. In 2003, his characters merged into a protagonist who fights his way through the world’s pains and acts strangely carefree. More and more, Breu begins to separate his outlines from the graffiti context. In 2008, he sprayed in the Public Viewing the ball course of the European Football Championship on canvas. In 2011, inspired by the folklore of his public town of Appenzell, the “AlpaufZüge” trains are created. Stencils re-emerge: Breu fills the interstices of lace fabric with his color orgies, bridging the gap between pop art and retro. Almost obsessed, he collects toys from Wisa Gloria, Bonzai chalets and driftwood, thus creating an ever more full range of substrates. In 2016, a process of detachment from excessive gathering and pop culture began. Breus Quick pieces take on a new dimension: with the spray can, it follows the shadow contours of people live – fast, spontaneous lines that produce instant pictures with peculiar plasticity.


Pirmin Breu | Artistic activity


Group exhibitions

2018  K-13 Art Scene Freiamt, AG CH
Gallery Livingsculpture Zurich, CH
Open Art Roveredo, GR CH
Gallery Macelleria d’Arte, SG CH
2017  Ref. Church Muri, AG CH
Gallery Livingsculpture Zurich, CH
Open Art Roveredo, GR CH
Gallery Jedlitschka, Zurich, CH
2016  outdoor culture Muri, AG CH
Gallery Livingsculpture Zurich, CH
2015  Gallery Foxx Zurich, CH
Gallery Artspace Warehouse, LA USA
Artwalk Bremgarten, AG CH
K-13 Art Scene Freiamt, AG CH
Gallery Livingsculpture Zurich, CH
2014  Kulturpavillon Wil, SG CH
Bruno Weber Park Dietikon, ZH CH
2013  Open Art Roveredo, GR CH
Gallery Jedlitschka Zurich, CH
2012  Siam Paragon, Bangkok, THA
Old Armory Herisau, AR CH
Gallery Foxx Zurich, CH
Gallery Tartar, SG CH
Open Art Roveredo, GR CH
100 years Wisa Gloria, Singisenforum Muri, AG CH
2011   Altes Zeughaus Herisau, AR CH
Gallery Minimal Illusions Baden, AG CH
2010  Gallery GT29 Villars sur Glane, FR CH
K10, Singisenforum Muri, AG CH
Cultural Market, Zurich, CH
Outdoor culture Söriken, Muri, AG CH
2009  Studio 222, San Diego, USA
Gallery Kunstwarenhaus Zurich, CH
2008  Triangle Hüningen, FR CH
JF Gallery Zurich, CH
«Farbanschlag,» Kulturmarkt, Zurich, CH
2007  Carhartt Gallery, Weil am Rhein, DE
Art Int., Kongresshaus Zurich, CH
2006  Armehuus Villmergen, AG CH
2005  “Living and leaving the streets,” cultural market, Zurich, CH
Marshall Art, Rüschlikon, ZH CH
Art Gallery Pozos, San Diego, USA
2003  «Velvet,» Galeria del Cultura Baja California Institute, Tijuana, MEX
Kunstegge, Emmenbrücke, LU CH
2002  «Flames,» Fumetto Comic Festival, Lucerne, CH
Track 1, Lenzburg, AG CH
1998   “El camino a la felicidad”, Anglo-Mexicano Institute of Cultura A.C., Ensenada, Baja California, MEX
1996   Artwalk San Diego, USA
Art Institute San Diego, USA
Balboa Park, San Diego, USA
De Anza, Mission Beach San Diego, United States
Graffiti Art Zug, ZG CH
1995   Graffiti Art Zug, ZG CH
1994   “Acryl Art”, Galerie du Labyrinthe, Lausanne, VD CH
1992   Heimbach Center, Lucerne, CH


Single Exhibitions

2019 “BREAKUP,” Kunstraum 22, Muri, AG CH
2018 “Alpaufzug,” Villa Sutter, Münchwilen, SG CH
2017 studio opening, Wohlen, AG CH
2016 Studio opening Fremo, Muri, AG CH
2015 AlpaufZug, Stein, AR CH
2014 Atelier Derniere, Wohlen, AG CH
2013 “Alp on the train,” Gleis1, Appenzell, AI CH
2012 «The space in between», KOI Gallery, Bangkok, THA
«80 Years Relationships» Hotel Kempinski, Bangkok, THA
«Different Cultures,» Triplets, Bangkok, THA
“Graffiti,” Children’s Museum Baden, AG CH
(Alp lift), Klinik Gais, AI CH
2011 «Alp on train,» Tübli, Appenzell, AI CH
«Schildbürger,» Gruyère, FR CH
2010 Robert Wild AG, Muri, AG CH
2009 “Havana libre,” Muri, AG CH
2008 “Street Art,” Galerie Schriever, Cologne, DE
“Mensch,” community center Wohlen, AG CH
2007 Gallery 101, Baden, AG CH
“Heaven’s Hell,” intersection, Zurich, CH
2004 “Argentina en mi Ojos,” Sede Club Europeo, Buenos Aires, ARG
2003 «Impressions and Experiences,» Continental Park, Lucerne, CH
2002 “Flying high,” Continental Park, Lucerne, CH
“Hot like chilli,” Tequila Bar, Niedergösgen, AG CH
«People 02», track 1, Lenzburg, AG CH
2001 “People,” Continental Park, Lucerne, CH
1996 “JM Basquiat,” Guilde Theater, San Diego, USA
1995 “Graffiti,” Hotel Wilder Mann, Sempach, LU CH
1993 “Connection Clothing,” Muri, AG CH


Installations, Performances

2018 10 years Frank Wedekind Haus, Aarau, AG CH
School Stauffen, AG CH
9. Performance Days NeuOerlikon, ZH CH
MADCON in Concert, Lucerne, CH
LandArt, Tschamut, GR CH
Inauguration Ruckhalde, St. Gallen, CH
International VW Bus Meeting, Lenk, BE CH
DIWISA Tequila, Zurich, CH
Gusti vo Huuse, Albis, ZH CH
2017 Reformed Church Muri, AG CH
«The week», Sedrun, GR CH
Fumetto Comic Festival, Lucerne, CH
Metalli train, CH
Cantonal Gymnastics Festival, Muri, AG CH
“HOMEless”, New York, USA
2016 Zentralstrasse 1, Boswil, AG CH
Concrete mixer, stone, AR CH
2014 Longines CSIO, St. Gallen, CH
Appenzell train station, AI CH
2013 Open Art Roveredo, GR CH
Alp lift in the dining car, Appenzell train station, CH
Paradeplatz Zurich, CH
Bundesplatz Bern, CH
2012 “Bury the Jumbo”, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich, CH
Open Art Roveredo, GR CH
“HOMEless”, Bangkok, THA
With Billy the Artist, Fox Gallery, Zurich, CH
2011 “Denk mal”, Museum Night, St. Gallen, CH
Rosengart Museum Night, Lucerne, CH
2010 «Schildbürgertransport», Kunstnacht St. Gallen, CH
“Ni una muerte mas, reforma ya,” Border Wall Mural, Tijuana (Playas), MEX
2009 “Flower Pot,” Paradeplatz Zurich, CH
Space for Contemporary Art, Bern, CH
«Cuba outdoor enclosure,» local art Muri, AG CH
Border Wall Mural, Tijuana (Playas), MEX
2008 Live Performance for the European Championship Final, Zurich, CH
“Silent Witnesses,” New Orleans, USA
2007 “Goodorbad,” CAT building, Baden, AG CH
Spray action protest Pig Algie, Pink Floyd Tour, Zurich, CH, Client: Roger Waters
2006 “Silent Witnesses,” Thailand, THA
2003 Art Motor, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, USA
«The Battle of the Emmental,» Fumetto Comic Festival, Lucerne,

“Lichtblick,” Vögeligärtli Lucerne, CH

1999 Wholecar, Brooklyn NY, USA
1997 «Festival Attitude,» Montpellier, FR
1996 “Streetart on Canvas,” Venice Beach, LA USA
“Racista,” Border Wall, Tecaté, MEX
Breaking Conventions, San Diego, USA


Architectural art

2018 700 m AlpaufZug, Ruckhaldetunnel, Appenzeller Bahnen, SG CH
Novartis, Stein, AG CH
Block of flats, Uetlibergstrasse 196, Zurich, CH
2017 Pontonier Bremgarten, AG CH
Raiffeisen Bank Kloten, ZH CH
Mural, Brooklyn NY, USA
2016 Schulhaus Lenzhard, Lenzburg, AG CH
2014 Goodorbad, block of flats Seetalstrasse, Muri, AG CH
2012 BMW / MINI branch Dielsdorf, ZH CH
Chesa Swiss, Bangkok, THA
2011 Schoolhouse/kindergarten, Villmergen, AG CH
2008 Raiffeisen Bank Auw, AG CH
2003 125 years of St. Benedict Children’s Home, Hermetschwil, AG CH
2002 Itenhard Quartier Bremgarten, AG CH
2001 «River Pub,» Aarburg AG CH
1998 “Hof Seeheim,” Küssnacht, SZ CH
1997 Migros underground car park, Luzernerstrasse, Muri, AG CH
Restaurant Schäfli, St. Margrethen, SG CH
1994 “Liberty,” SBG (UBS) Kriens, LU CH
1991 hazardous waste dump Kölliken, AG CH
1990 Outdoor pool Muri, AG CH



2012 Invitation from the Swiss Embassy: “Siam Nitasratchamongkol – 80 Years Thai-Swiss Diplomatic Relations”, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, THA
2010 Kunstnacht St. Gallen, CH: Award for best installation


Publications under POSE ONE / Graffiti

2010 “1000 Ideas for Graffiti”, Rockport, ISBN-13: 978-1-59253-658-0
2009 “All City Writers,” Kitchen 93, ISBN 2-85980-013-1
2000 “Surf the City,” style file, ISBN 3-9807478-0-8
1998 Swiss Graffiti / Edition Aragon, ISBN 978-3895354618
1995 “Graffiti Art,” Volume 2, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, ISBN 3-89602-036-6


ARTWORKS / Purchases

2007 Carhartt Gallery, Weil am Rhein, DE: Sale of the entire exhibition to Gunter Sachs
2007 Sprayer Action Protest Pig Algie, Pink Floyd Tour, Zurich, CH, Client: Roger Waters
2000 PC 12, Cheyenne, USA, Client: Pill Ball Aircraft Denver


Performances / Publications Print and TV

2013 Appenzeller Magazin 11.2013, «how Pirmin Breu discovered his home.»
2012 Bangkok Post, Thai Nation, Kom Chad Luek
2011 SRF 1: appearance at «Aeschbacher.»
2010 SRF 1: Switzerland news, report «20 years Sprayer.»
2008 Migros Magazine 9.08: Interview
1998 The Green: «The sprayer of Muri.»
1997 TV Azteca, MEX: live broadcast of a spray action
1991 SRF 1: «10vor10»: «graffiti art or graffiti?»

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